After-sales services to ensure your peace of mind.

Optimize your production plant, avoid unnecessary downtimes.


Real-time monitoring.

We are by your side.
REMOTE CARE is complementary to the AIRPLAN SCADA system. AIRPLAN's technical staff - prior authorization - access your plant in real time and help you diagnose and solve your problem. No unnecessary travel costs.


Preventative maintenance.

Prevent to preserve.
PREVENTIVE CARE is a tailor-made preventative maintenance plan. Avoid future incidents by contracting a prevention plan that will help you extend the service life of your facility and/or equipment and optimize your plant performance, avoiding production line downtimes as much as possible.


Corrective maintenance.

Support plan for unexpected incidents.
This coverage plan will support you in resolving unexpected incidents, providing technical service and the spare parts you may need. Enjoy comfortably scheduled annual costs without having to deal with unexpected expenses. Minimum production interruptions guaranteed.


Spart part packages.

Be prepared.
We recommend our clients to always have a spare parts package on hand, customized to your requirements, to ensure you won’t have to wait when you need them. You will find a detailed list of recommended spare parts, as well as instructions in your Documentation Dossier, so that your maintenance staff can act quickly.


Qualification and requalification.

Meeting quality standards.
We deliver your plant with a comprehensive start-up report. We can additionally prepare DQ, IQ and OQ protocols.

We subject our equipment to rigorous quality controls and deliver them with comprehensive reports and certificates. Upon client’s request, we can also carry out FAT and SAT protocols (Factory / Site Acceptance Test), and IQ and OQ.

Our air equipment, such as Downflow booths (THE AIR BOOTH) and Fan Filter Units (THE AIR FFU) are shipped after passing quality controls, and are delivered together with the FAT protocols that include the integrity tests results and CE certificate.
The installation of a laminar airflow requires the structural integration inside the plant and concludes with the delivery of the respective report. At the client’s request, we can carry out SAT (Site Acceptance Test) protocols.

We can diagnose the condition of your production plant and/or equipment and prepare it for requalification, making all necessary adjustments. We prepare the SAT requalification protocols so that they can be performed by an external party.