More than just furniture.

Equip your laboratory.

Flexible, modular, resistant and elegant furniture with added value. We integrate the furniture into the physical geometry of the laboratory to create functional and esthetically-pleasing environments that optimize the space in accordance to workflows and equipment.

  • Design and ergonomics. Elegant and esthetically-pleasing furniture with an ergonomic design that ensures the comfort of the worker.
  • Variety. Extensive range of modular furniture.
  • Tailor-made for Life-Science industries. Heavy-duty certified materials, finished with great attention to detail and easy to clean. Modules offer great visual control over each area and are easily combinable.
  • Multi-Laboratory. We can equip quality control, R&D, microbiology and pharmaceutical development laboratories.
Available elements.
  • Tables for weighing (support or anti-vibrating), height adjustable, mobile, etc.
  • Safe storage in ventilated or safety cabinets for reagents, acids and bases, and flammables.
  • Technical walls that allow mobile, adaptable and safe environments.
  • Washing modules with incorporated sink, with heavy-duty construction against spills and splashes.
  • Waste separation modules
  • Special equipment such as fume hoods, fume cupboards, etc.

In compliance with international regulations

Developed according to European Directive EN 13150:2001 (CEN).
Our suppliers comply with quality standards set by ISO and DIN.

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