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Cleanroom air treatment.

We have specialized in industrial air treatment solutions since our founding in 1968. All of our knowledge is at your service, offering HVAC solutions for Life-Science, food and microelectronics industries, as well as for hospitals and offices.

  • Control of temperature, relative humidity, pressure and particle count.
  • Specific manufacturing areas. Aseptic, sterile, semi-sterile, biocontainment and biosafety.
  • Guarantees. Environmental classification compliance from ISO 8 to ISO 1, in accordance with ISO 14644.
  • Air treatment system designed by AIRPLAN: duct works, room extraction structures, HEPA filter boxes, stainless steel diffuser components, etc.
  • Critical applications. Cleanrooms with ISO 7 classification at temperatures that range from -10ºC ±2 ºC (14ºF ±4ºF) to 60º C ±1 ºC (140ºF ±2ºF), with constant temperature control in any point of the room. Areas with 1% relative humidity.
  • Additional solutions. Centralized dust collection systems (THE AIR DUST). Gas and fume extraction systems (THE AIR FUMES).

In compliance with international regulations

For EU GMP (Vol 4) / cGMP, FDA and ISO 14644 classifications.
Design under the standards and guidelines of ASHRAE.

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