Valentí Sellarés

  • Wordking at AIRPLAN since 1999
  • Member of the Executive Board since 2008

Valentí is backed by 17 years of experience integrating design and installation solutions for projects in the Life-Science industry. Along with his training this makes him a valuable asset that guarantees our clients’ satisfaction.

His extensive experience as a Project Manager has given him the in-depth expertise necessary to come up with effective solutions. His focus on Services drove him to take on the responsibilities of sales and expansion, especially in Latin America. He has also played a key role in Airplan’s internationalization process.

Today, as Sales Director for the Airplan Group, he is defining the strategy, philosophy and challenges of commercial development in present and future markets.

He is currently headquartered in Miami, Florida, where he directs Airplan USA since 2013. He is determined to consolidate our company’s internationalization process in one of the world’s largest and most demanding markets, the U.S.

With an empathetic nature, plenty of know-how and immense problem-solving capacity, he never says “no” to a client. For Valentí, everything is achievable. His great strength is his self-assurance, making clients trust him fully.

My goal

My goal is to make Airplan and Airplan USA an international benchmark for the design and construction of multiproduct Life-Science facilities and processing equipment.

The best way: listen, understand the client’s needs and offer adequate solutions that exceed their expectations. Our experience and commitment to service shall lead the way.