Oriol Mor

  • Wordking at AIRPLAN since 2007

Industrial engineer, specialized in mechanics, graduated by the ETSEIB of Barcelona.

Oriol’s professional career began in LUWA Spain, where he worked as Project Manager for 4 years. He joined Airplan in 2007 as Project Manager.

Oriol applies his analytical capacity and a strict view of cost control in leading standardization projects and process management, that result in a remarkable optimization of the company’s resources.

He also started training projects in the technical division that would be fundamental to work in the pursuit of excellence characterizing Airplan. His vision: the more specialized a team is, the better work and the better service. He was named Senior Project Manager in 2015.

Efficient, organized, decisive, professional and honest, Oriol is the technical and economical supervisory technician for all project executions. With more than 13 years of experience in pharmaceutical facilities, he represents a crucial seniority role in meeting our clients’ expectations.

My goal

One of the reasons why our clients recommend us is our objectivity when advising them on their projects. My goal is to maintain this honest approach. This is our first obligation with our clients and the best tool to offer sensible and economic solutions in global terms.